Bexhill Transport and Engineering


Railway Stations

With the building of the new town of Bexhill-on-Sea, in the 1880s, and the demands of people and business, transport began to change and grow.

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The total length of the Hastings Tramway system reached just short of 20 miles

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Omnibuses (’Buses) and Charabancs

In Latin, the word, “omnibus” simply means “for all.” For convenience, the word became shortened to ‘bus, with an apostrophe at the front

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Bexhill’s Engineers

When thinking of inventions and engineering one does not immediately think of Bexhill. But over the years inventors, engineers and engineering firms have made their homes and places of work here.

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Bexhill’s Garages Exhibition

In the days before a series of amalgamations reduced the British motor industry to a shadow of its former self replica watches, Bexhillians were spoiled for choice when it came to motor dealers and car marques.

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Barry Enefer Collections

Barry Enefer was an avid collector of anything to do with trams and trolley buses. He made a bequest to the Bexhill Museum of his photograph and postcard collection

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Motor Cars

Gallery of motor cars available in the early 20th century

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